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Capital Sports provides sports betting consultation using advanced statistics and probability. We focus on finding value against the betting market, not on predicting an outcome to a certainty.  Our Math Model sets its own game lines by measuring a team's chances to win or cover the spread.  We can then measure any team's value against the sports betting market.  In a nut shell, if we give a team a better chance than the market does, we invest.  It's that simple.  

Let's make money together today.  Invest now!

***We strongly recommend proper bank roll management.  DO NOT invest too much money on any single play.  For longer-term investment approaches (i.e. longer than a daily best bet or weekend package), we recommend no more than roughly 2-5% of your bank roll be risked on any one play.

All sales are final.  

Once a product or service has been purchased, delivered, and/or viewed, no refunds will be issued.  

Undelivered email or SMS notifications as we are not responsible for restrictions set by your provider.

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